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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  March 15, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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♪ live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. it's bad night to have no heat but that was the reality facing hundreds of people. just one of the many problems across the delaware valley in the wake of yesterday's storm. good evening, i'm lucy noland. heavy wet snow, ice and downed trees created recipe for disaster. lots of people are still feeling the effects. dave schratwieser has been talking with folks who are actually feeling relief at this point live in camden, dave. >> reporter: lucy, rough 36 hours for some of the folks at the the cress berry apartments here in camden. they lost power tuesday morning around 7:00 o'clock. they didn't get it back till just before 6:00 tonight, and within the last two hours, the heat has come back on but some folks were actually heating their apartment with their gas stoves. >> freezing, cold, dark, my baby screaming and crying all night. >> reporter: it's been a rough couple of days for brandy
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houston and her five children at the cress berry apartments. tuesday's storm took down power lines, knocking out the electricity and heat. >> we freezing. the kids is sitting there like what's going on. my one girl clinging to my scared to death. >> reporter: her youngest son is a-year-old. her one daughter has asthma. >> i can't give her the antibiotics because they can't be refrigerated. they said they're no good. >> angel rodriguez called fox 29 about the power outage non heat after he says he couldn't get an answer on when power would be back on. >> they trying to do the best they can. >> tammy spent a couple days without power. >> pie food was starting to defrost in there. i didn't have any heat. >> tammy and her daughter bundld up and tried to stay warm. >> i turned the oven on. i did have gas. >> reporter: it took crews about four hours to make repairs and turn the electricity back
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on. the heat again came on just before 9:00 o'clock tonight. neighbors told me they stayed with relatives and friends until the heat and the power were back on. they're warming up tonight. lucy. >> that is wonderful news to hear. dave schratwieser, thank you much. it is so cold the snow has turned rock hard. a lot of flurries not much sun and not much melt at all. what is in store for the final days of winter? at least as far as the calendar goes. monica cryan, it's like march is make up for february. >> really. i think that's what a lot of people are thinking. you had all winter to be winter. >> here we go. >> and now that it's the end you decide. any way, we are starting to clear things out as you take look at ultimate doppler radar. notice that spin we had wrap around pesky snow showers through the afternoon and into the evening. that's come to an end most of us are under clearing conditions. i mean even cloud cover. tomorrow morning looks like we've got a lot more sunshine in store. here we are taking a look
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outside. temperatures 29 degrees. they've been into the upper 20s the past few hours. been kind of topsy turvy day we haven't lowered that much sin the afternoon. but now as those winds out of the west at 60 miles per hour kick up to, upping, 16 even 20 miles per hour it's going to feel much colder than those temperatures are measuring. so 29 in philadelphia. millville also at 29 but we have some locations like the poconos into the teens at 17 degrees. here's look at the future cast. notice again tomorrow morning lots of sunshine if you are hoping for some help, when it comes to that melting, it does look like that sunshine will but those temperatures are still going to be old colder side. afternoon mostly sunny and that continues as we head into the afternoon time all way through the evening keeping it clear and dry as we head into your st. patrick's day forecast. so good news. your future wind chills looking like we're in the single digits for the next few hours. and then into tomorrow morning it's near zero for some of us
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like in reading and lancaster. feeling like we're near 0 degrees even the afternoon with those winds at about 20 to even 5 miles per hour it's going to feel like we're in the low 20s. 37 is your high for tomorrow. sunny and cold. but a bit of breeze out of the west. here's a look at your seven day forecast. again, if you are looking for a melt it looks like we have a ways to go. saturday we'll be reaching highs into the 40s. 46 degrees. 45 by sunday. really not until tuesday that we're reaching back into the low 50s. so again, if you're looking for the warmer air, don't hold your breath. back to you. >> all right, thank you very much, monica. if you are walking around center city philadelphia you've also got to watch out for falling ice. high winds and fluctuating temperatures are sending ice and snow flying off the buildings and that includes sky scrapers. not good when it hits you. the city's department of licen licenses and inspections says be prepared to see sidewalks and roads closed because of all of
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this. fresco user arlene lee zen us this video of closed sidewalk in front of the loewes hotel in center city. local family with absolutely thrilled they had won contest for their little boy who now uses a wheelchair. they wouldn't tickets to see special showing of beauty and the beast but that little boy's mom says when they got to the movie theater someone refused to give up the seat reserved for people with disabilities. fox 29's chris o'connell spoke with the family. chris just terrible especially since it was a birthday celebration. >> reporter: that's right, lucy. a mother of a six-year-old boy in a wheelchair is speaking out tonight into defense of her son who came here to a king of prussia movie theater to celebrate his sickth birthday. only to leave in tears. christine wide man is heart broken. she's also angry at what happened to her disable son nicholas monday night at king of prussia i max movie theater. >> what did mom tell you? it wasn't your fall, right. >> reporter: her family
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wouldn't radio station contest four tickets to see special preview of beauty and the beast. it was nicholas' sixth birthday celebration. but for the kid who suffers from tumors on his spinal cord the outing quickly turned sour. >> when they got to their seats designated for the disabled and their companions, she says two fellow movie goers refused to move from their seats. to make matters worse wide man says it was an employee with the events film promotor who came over and told nicholas and his family they would be the ones to have to find another seat. >> she told me that wasn't her problem and they were theirs fin and i said i understand that. but these are reserved it said -- owes says right on the seat reserved. >> after some other patrons switched around their seats, the family did get to see the movie but wideman her mother and nephew had to double up seats to watch. >> it also made nicholas feel like he was the one that did something wrong. >> came back home that night
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and, um, he apologized for being in a wheelchair and that's not right. it's not his fault. and for someone to make him feel that it's his fault really hurt me. >> reporter: now we have not been able to get in touch with the company who was promoting the movie here at the theater, but the theater manager did reach out to the family after hearing what happened. they want to make good. they want to be sure that nicholas comes back to the theater with a bunch of his friends from the hospital for all expense paid day here at the theater. lucy? >> that will be quite a birthday celebration. all right, chris, thank you. do you leave your car running while you fill up? if so, this video might have you changing that habit. mayfair the scene earlier this month a guy pulls up in range rover gets out starts filling up. you see him right there. a man jumped out of the passenger side of that white car there he goes and into the driver's seat of the range rover. he took off. but police are after him and
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whoever he was workin working wo tonight. by the way the guy got his range rover back president trump and's travel ban is no longer kicking in add mid night. federal judge in hawaii block it this evening. the president spoke to supporters in nashville. he's vowing to fight the ruling. more than half a dozen states are trying to stop the band. well tonight newborn is fighting for his life at the hospital of the university of pennsylvania. his family already dealing with the loss of his mom who died soon after giving birth. fox 29's shawnette wilson joins us live outside the hospital in university city. bob is a k9 police officer. shawnette folks can help this family. >> reporter: we certainly hope people will reach out and help them through this tough time this mom she was actually battling cancer and in her last days of life lucy she gave her life to save her son. >> who is that? >> you and mommy.
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>> max flips that was a photo album with his four-year-old daughter avery. >> i don't want her to forget her mother. >> they were on their way to become becoming a family of four. his wife danielle is gone and his newborn jake is in nicu at the university of pennsylvania struggling to hold on. >> his lungs just can't catch up at this point. >> what happened to this beautiful family is heartbreaking. it started two years ago when 30-year-old danielle had a mole removed. it was melanoma. but a year later, she found a lump in her breast and the aggressive cancer had spread throughout her body. danielle was six months pregnant with her son jake at the time. >> when she was officially diagnosed with melanoma was february 9th and she had passed away february 27th. before she passed away, danielle made the decision to let go so she could save her s son. >> when they did the c section they didn't think she was going to survive. so that was her decision at that point. >> report roar the couple had been married five years and had started building their dream home for their extended family.
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>> it never goes away. you just i guess day by day learn to deal with it. >> reporter: if you'd like to donate to help max and the children there's a gofundme page that has been set up also the fop is accepting donations in lieu of the family. go to fox for that information. lucy. >> i know our community shawnette and i know a lot of people will step up and help this family. thank you so much. >> we hope so. major drug ring busted in the bushes. a big victory in the fight against opioids. and local artist building a community for goodness sake. president trump hiring freeze felt right here in philadelphia. some of our most popular spots. the declaration house on seventh and market now closed. one of seven sites at the independence national historic park that is now shut down because of that. independence hall, liberty bell, for now they're open.
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♪ in bucks county authorities announced battle won in the on-going war again the opioid epidemic. prosecutors charged more than a dozen people connected to major drug rink this thing began in richland township. two brothers were the ringleaders scoring a million dollars a year over three years. neighbors cannot believe it. >> there's good kids. they're good neighbors.
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this is -- this is terrible. >> too hard to believe. >> police say they're work is not done yet. ♪ you hear a lot of sad news these days but bill anderson looks for the good. tonight he introduces you to a group of frustrated neighbors getting forced out of the community they've helped build they're artists cultural leaders and tonight they have a new place giving them hope to goodness sake. i looked at a house for rent. it was no $2,000 month. i'm like what? >> reporter: double edged sword of development particularly around philadelphia's universities. we all want to see communities developed but that development often leads to long-time residents being priced out. >> a lot of the developers in this community right now hig high-end, high rates. >> reporter: rebecca rose is what many would describe as a struggling artist. you may have seen one of her pieces at the intersection of 40th and lancaster.
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the neighborhood she's lived in for years. but now she's one of the first tenants of affordable housing complex designed to allow those who helped build the culture of a neighborhood stay there as property values increase. complex is called the 4050 apartments it's a low income building developed and funded by the people's emergency center and several other organizations and the concept is simple. the community of west powelton believed that artists are important parts of the community so if they were below a certain income, they received preference. >> artists are part of the community. when price -- home prices are going up, rent is going up. how do we make sure we don't lose this part of our community? >> come on in. >> reporter: as i toured her new apartment she was clearly excited and inspired by the design and the space. >> this has a lot of space up here. >> i know, right? >> wow. >> i know. >> reporter: that's the master. >> master bedroom for the arti
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artist. we were struggling starving artists. >> you don't want to give up your dream. >> no one wants to give up your dream. to create beauty. to be epp spyer. >> reporter: so far the concept of low income artist paying 30% of their income to live at 4050 apartments it's working as planned. >> there's photographers, choreographers, there's poets, there's dancers. >> reporter: and there's an appreciation that the people's emergency center and partners are trying to hear communities that are looking for consideration as development makes their long-time neighborhoods unaffordable. >> this artist co-op places, artists get together and try to make an opportunity for their self. to have an institution help is you amazing. >> reporter: 4050 is an opportunity to explore ways for pec to continue their work and in some small way show that in cases of massive development the community can and should have a voice. >> while it's maybe not as visible as old city or some other neighborhoods in
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philadelphia, they're here and the community recognizes them as an important part of what makes the neighborhood special. >> reporter: first 20 amounts are full but hopefully the concept of working to provide opportunities for communities to experience growth and success together that continues to expand for goodness sake. i'm bill anderson. ♪ you see it you shoot it our fresco users are helping us show what's going on around you. iain what's up tonight? >> lucy fresco user jim heck was there as firefighters responded to a fire in east norriton montgomery county. take a look as this happened just before autecology tonight at the penn christian academy along west germantown pike. reports say an employee there called 911 because some smoke was in the building. no one was hurt. it's not yet clear what started the fire. did you have any trouble getting around with all that ice out there this morning? things are a mess in olney. fresco user lamar had his camera out this morning. it was gridlock at second and rosemont street.
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everyone just tires spinning trying to get up and down the icy street. let's hope things are better tomorrow morning. when you see news happening be sure to take out your phone and shoot it. and then make sure you use the fresco app to send it oh our newsroom. lucy. >> thank you iain. nine month old baby who can't see very well got new pair of glasses and row action is priceless. reagan cold caldwell got his glasses just after his father brandon was deployed in ant arc tikai with the air force after two months. the reunion you see that. reagan could see his daddy chris cal clear for the very first time and was so happy. my goodness. little guy, um, was born healthy but when he was three weeks old he contracted group b strep which led to bacterial meningitis you can see him taking in his dad's face. he also had sepsis and brain damage but look at that bundle of joy there. love it. all right. sean bell what's up? >> lucy, an low ball's father is out of his mine. one of the best players in college basketball's father is
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running his mouth once again. fine outweigh said now and why he needs to shut his trap much that's coming up next in my sports commentary.
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♪ sean bell is taking on basketball player's father and why he comes off like sean says a kardashian.
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this commentary in 15 seconds. ♪ i don't pull anything back. whatever i say i say. it's just like, what charles barclay saying with all these guys. if charles barclay -- >> lavar ball needs to shut up like forever. that's ucla alonso ball's father he just won't stop talking. this guy is like the christian they are of basketball. he wants to be kardashian so so bad. lavar, just continues to do everything he can to get all the attention and because of this three kids that he has is going to be targeted and they're going to get destroyed in the league. first he said lavar -- said he
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could be my -- could beat michael jordan in one-on-one he played college ball for one year averaged 2.2 points a game. then as you heard, he had the nerve to call out charles barclay. what championship do you have lavar? you can't even hold sir charles jock strap. let's be clear lavar. you need to be quiet. i'm okay with promoting your son and creating a brand and marking your kids. but do it without making it about yourself. especially when you have zero credentials. nba star john wall came out and said guys are going to go at alonso ball and his brothes because of his father. lavar needs to zimmer down because he might be writing checks his kids just can't cash. lucy. >> athletic cups and commentaries. interesting bin nation sean be bell. president trump responding mew si video that depicts snoop dog firing a toy gun at the
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president dressed as a criminal. he should be ashamed and owes the president an apology. the president sent out a tweet today saying "can you imagine what the outcry would be if snoop dog failing career in all had aimed and fired the gun at president obama? jail time! >> there you go. >> okay. >> all righty. we've got match sis sold that's not going away any time soon. >> it's not. >> i'll bet you wish you were back at that training camp you were at. >> why do you have tore mine me? >> i don't know. >> it's fun. all right. more entertainment news straight ahead on fox 29. tmz and dish nation and stay tuned for chasing news followed by the simpsons. we're back here at 4am for "good day philadelphia". bob kelly will have you traffic covered all morning long. >> monica, always a pleasure having you here. >> thanks, guys. it's been great. >> bum up. bundle up.
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: nbc ruined my night last night! on broadcast and on cable. first i watched rachel maddow and my dinner gets cold because i want to see the payoff. >> what i have here is a copy of donald trump's tax return. harvey: then i watch "this is us" and i'm waiting for this dude to die and he never died. >> waiting for someone to die p>> god, i know what that feels like. [laughter] >> you know how president obama's talking about wanting to get involved with the nba when his presidency is over. mark cuban was out. >> is he welcome to buy into the mavericks? >> absolutely. >> what if obama teams up with oprah? because oprah also talks about wanting to get involved in the nba. >> if oprah had a team, i would watch so much basketball. >> can you imagine oprah announcing a team, dirk nowitzki! >> joanna krupa. she has a bone to pick with rob gronkowski. the two are in a movie and she says he wasn't really that great in the movie. >> we had to take retake after retake for his one l


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